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Leandro Lo and Marcus Buchecha

Friendship is one of the most important parts of practicing jiu jitsu. Having training partners that you connect with on and off the mat makes the journey so much more enjoyable. When you step onto the mats with people you consider good friends, the atmosphere is uplifting. You're able to encourage each other through tough training sessions and celebrate each other's successes, no matter how small. The bonds you form help motivate you to keep showing up day after day.

Training jiu jitsu with friends allows you to experience all the ups and downs together. You can push each other to improve techniques, try harder rolls, and attend more classes. Having your friends there for you during plateaus or injuries reminds you that you're not alone. Their support means everything during the difficult times. But when things are going well, your friends are there to give you high-fives and congratulate you on new belt promotions. Sharing these wins and losses forges strong friendships.

Over time, the mat becomes like a second home filled with some of your closest friends. You create inside jokes, make plans for dinner after training, and get to know each other's lives outside of jiu jitsu. Your teammates become the people you confide in for advice on all aspects of life. These friendships extend well beyond the academy and lead to lifelong bonds.

The camaraderie and friendships formed through jiu jitsu deliver immense happiness. Having the support of your teammates on and off the mat fuels personal growth and confidence. Training jiu jitsu with good friends by your side makes the journey incredibly rewarding. The connections you build will motivate and inspire you for years to come.

*Post training lunch with friends Lo, Buchecha and Kinya-san in Sao Paulo.


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