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New Year, New Shred: Embrace the Journey of Constant Learning in BJJ, Skateboarding, and Surfing.

As the crisp December air whispers of a fresh start and the calendar flips to 2024, a familiar itch begins to scratch beneath the surface. It's the call to adventure, the yearning for growth, the quiet hum of new year's resolutions waiting to be embraced. This year, let's ditch the tired gym memberships and fad diets, and instead, dive headfirst into the exhilarating, empowering world of constant learning. Let BJJ, skateboarding, and surfing be our guides, for in their embrace lies a path to a richer, more fulfilling you.

The Van Gogh of the Mat: Embracing the Unknown in BJJ

Imagine Vincent Van Gogh, not swirling with paintbrush in hand, but gracefully gliding across the BJJ mat. His words, "I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it," echo through the training hall, a mantra for every aspiring grappler. BJJ is a dance of discomfort, a constant negotiation between your limits and your potential. Each tap, each sweep, each submission attempt is a brushstroke on the canvas of your evolving skill. You'll stumble, you'll get swept, but with each encounter, you'll learn to paint a more beautiful picture of your jiu-jitsu self.

The Zen of the Concrete Jungle: Skateboarding as a Moving Meditation

Now, picture the sun-drenched concrete jungle, a skatepark teeming with life. A young skater, board strapped to feet, muscles humming with anticipation, approaches the ramp. This is skateboarding, a symphony of motion and focus, where every trick attempted is a verse in the poem of self-discovery. The clatter of wheels against concrete becomes a metronome for your mind, each push and pop a mindful breath. As you conquer your fears, one kickflip at a time, you'll discover a Zen-like state of flow, where worries melt away and pure joy takes hold.

Catching the Wave of Growth: Surfing as a Dialogue with Nature

And lastly, let's journey to the ocean's embrace, where the endless horizon meets the playful dance of the waves. Surfing, like BJJ and skateboarding, is a constant dialogue. You read the water's language, anticipate its shifts, and respond with your board, your body, your spirit. Each pop-up, each carve, each triumphant ride is a testament to your willingness to learn, to adapt, to dance with the ever-changing rhythm of nature.

Embrace the Shred, Not the Dreads: Unlocking Your 2024 Potential

So, as you craft your new year's resolutions, ditch the cookie-cutter goals and scripted routines. Instead, embrace the spirit of BJJ, skateboarding, and surfing. Resolve to step outside your comfort zone, to chase the thrill of the unknown, to paint your own masterpiece on the canvas of life. Remember, it's not about the perfect pose, the flawless trick, or the barreled wave. It's about the journey, the stumbles and triumphs, the endless pursuit of becoming a better version of yourself.


Let 2024 be the year you:

    • Shred your fears: Step onto the BJJ mat, roll into the skatepark, and paddle out into the waves. Embrace the vulnerability, the uncertainty, and watch yourself blossom.
    • Befriend the falls: Every wipeout, every tap, every slam is a lesson in resilience and adaptation. Learn from them, dust yourself off, and get back out there.
    • Celebrate the small victories: A clean sweep in BJJ, a landed kickflip, a wave caught with grace – these are your milestones, your Van Gogh brushstrokes of progress.
    • Find your tribe: Surround yourself with fellow shredders, grapplers, and surfers who inspire and challenge you. Their energy will fuel your own.
    • Make it fun!: Laughter is the best lubricant for any learning journey. So, crank up the tunes, let loose, and enjoy the ride. 

Remember, the greatest resolutions are not written on paper, but etched on the canvas of your experiences. So, this year, choose to learn, to grow, to shred. Choose BJJ, skateboarding, surfing – choose anything that sets your soul on fire. Let 2024 be your year of constant evolution, your personal masterpiece in the making.

Happy shredding, and Happy New Year!


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