Demetrious Johnson joining the IBJJF Masters Competition

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Demetrious Johnson joining the IBJJF Masters Competition

Demetrious Johnson's decision to compete at the IBJJF Masters demonstrates the incredible grit and determination of high-level martial artists. Despite achieving legendary status in MMA, he continues to challenge himself and do what he loves - grappling. As Epictetus stated, "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." Competitors like Johnson epitomize this Stoic mentality.


Johnson clearly embodies enthusiasm and tenacity. Competing against world-class jiu-jitsu practitioners shows his hunger for self-improvement and testing his skills. Seneca's wisdom applies here: "Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body." Pushing oneself outside a comfort zone is how mastery is attained. The thrill of competition against worthy adversaries drives the passionate competitor.

Grappling into one's later years also requires remarkable dedication to conditioning and technique. Johnson understands the importance of doing more of what makes you happy. His lifelong passion for martial arts fuels his motivation to train hard daily. He also surrounds himself with excellent coaching and training partners to maximize his potential.

Ultimately, Johnson's pursuit of excellence and enjoyment in grappling competition is aspirational. His example can inspire us all to find meaning and fulfillment by challenging ourselves. We should never stop striving to master our craft, no matter our age or stage of life. Embrace the journey.


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